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Once you go vegan, you’ll start to realize that everyone you know suddenly has an uncle who owns a farm

And nobody on tumblr ever goes to McDonalds or anywhere else that abuses animals, because they buy all their shit from their ‘local farm’.

And they all know a friend who tried to go vegan and almost died.

And they all have a degree in nutrition and a super rare disorder where they will die if they don’t eat big macs and pepperoni pizza

I must know, what was your reaction to someone trying to feed you bacon and then putting meat in your food? Did you fuss at them or leave the place?

I was at work one of the times so everyone was kind of just laughing and being complete fucking assholes about it, I had just been on break trying to eat some potatoes and they were waving meat in my face and trying to make me eat it so I had to go hide in the bathroom and compose myself. Oh wow a vegan, what a fucking freak show right? People have no fucking sense of decency. I mean how much decency can you really expect from carnists but really, come on. And the person who tried to hide animal products in my food is no longer my friend, I’m not putting up with that bullshit.

Once when I had just gone vegan, someone seriously tried to force feed me bacon. They put their hand on my face and tried to hold my mouth open so they could force feed me bacon. I’ve also had people try to hide animal products in my food. So don’t you fucking say vegans are shoving anything down your throat unless we literally hold you down and stuff broccoli in your face.

I work at a farm animal rescue sanctuary and we have monthly open days for tours and petting, we rescue/re home a lot of animals from petting zoos they have suffered abuse of all kinds and some get anxious around humans, please don't support zoos!

Thank you for this answer!

Is it moral to eat eggs produced from my friends pet chicken?

Not unless you literally need them to live and my guess is that you don’t. They should be feeding all the eggs back to the chicken to make up for the nutrients lost producing the eggs to begin with. Hens are at high risk for deficiencies (specifically calcium I believe) due to the amount of eggs they lay as a result of genetic manipulation. The best thing is to just feed them back.

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  • Carnist:

    I'd try veganism, but I don't want to deprive myself. You guys are always saying no to so many foods and I feel like I just don't have the kind of iron willpower you do.

  • Me:

    *Finishing my 57th large fry this week* Were you talking just now? *Opens up a carton of ice cream*

that person keeps accusing you of shoving your opinion down peoples' throats when literally all you have done is ANSWER QUESTIONS that people send TO you. it's not like you are tracking down meat eaters on tumblr and shoving tofu down their throats. this is your blog so you are entitiled to share you opinion on it wtf??

Fucking exactly, I have no obligation to be polite and patient with people who come onto my blog spewing their shitty opinions like they’re the word of jesus or something.